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Training: Meeting the Needs of Adult Learners

Adult learners have different needs than child learners.  Your training will be more effective and interesting if you incorporate the unique learning needs of adults in your communication.  The most effective training modules are adapted to promote active learning – an interactive learning environment with engaging and fun activities, which convey the key concepts and allow immediate application.

The most effective learning occurs when participants
1.    Are actively involved, rather than passive recipients of information
2.    Take responsibility for learning
3.    Engage emotional, intellectual and skills based aspects of learning
4.    Have a variety of learning methods
5.    Are in a positive and comfortable learning environment
6.    Can rely on the trainer to facilitate or guide training, rather than dictate

Rather than “testing” interviewers, provide the opportunity for role-playing, which allows participants to
•    Practice skills,
•    Experience methods that are effective and ineffective in a safe environment,
•    Learn from their peers, and
•    Understand areas of best practice and needs improvement.

Training does not have to a somber experience. Have some fun and allow people to be comfortable – provide colorful toys to keep the hands busy while the brain is active; provide chocolate or other treats to keep participants awake and focused. Laughter is a good sign that everyone is enjoying the training experience.

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