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Preparing Articles of Incorporation for your Non-Profit

Your Articles of Incorporation is considered to be the charter document of the corporation.  The Articles are filed with the secretary of state’s office.  They can be a fairly brief (one page) document, but you’ll want to spend some time thinking about it…

1.    What is the name of your non-profit corporation?

2.    What is the specific purpose and/or mission of your non-profit corporation?

3.    Who is the initial agent for service of process for your corporation?
An “agent for service of process” is an officer appointed by a corporation to receive legal notices or processes on the corporation’s behalf.  This could be a member of your Board of Directors, Attorney, Accountant or other.

4.    Who is the incorporator?
The final step is that the Articles of Incorporation must be signed by the “Incorporator” – this is someone who signs and delivers the Articles to the state office for filing.  This is typically someone from your Board of Directors, but may be a consultant, promoter or other person who is assisting in the initial set-up of your organization.  Once the corporation is formed, the incorporator’s legal role is complete.

5.    Will you commit that “no substantial part of the activities of the corporation shall consist of carrying on propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, and the corporation shall not participate or intervene in any political campaign…on behalf of any candidate for public office”?

If you can answer questions 1 – 4 and commit to question 5, you are ready to draft your Articles of Incorporation.

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