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About Non-Profit Toolbox

The Non-Profit Toolbox is an online community for starting and growing a non-profit business. The goal of the Non-Profit Toolbox is to help those who want to help others. You are on the front lines – either just starting with a vision of how you want to help people and make a difference or part of an existing organization already helping people and making a difference. Your greatest asset is your desire to make a change, your vision for what you would like to accomplish and your efforts to make a difference.

The Non-Profit Toolbox is here to support you. We help non-profit agencies with the nuts and bolts of building a successful non-profit organization. The Non-Profit Toolbox online community includes:

  • Helpful hints, tips, and how-to instructions via blog topics
  • Resources – where to find business resources
  • Network of Non-Profit Consultants

About Us

We started the Non-Profit Toolbox as a way to help non-profits succeed. In the middle of our current economic crisis, many non-profits have been having a difficult time meeting their goals. Most of these non-profits had been started during better financial times and their organizations, while goal-oriented, were not always structured optimally. The current economic environment should provide motivation for organizations – all organizations – to re-organize and be creative. The resources are out there to succeed, however many non-profits, used to acting as a social welfare organization, do not know where to find the resources, or really even what to do next. We can help! Our goal is to help non-profit organizations succeed, utilizing appropriate business tools.


Please send questions or comments to us at We will answer every inquiry. If it’s a general question or a common one, we may go deep and respond with a blog post.


4364 Bonita Road #323
Bonita, CA 91902

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